Registration for Summer Ultimate is now open! 


When: Sunday's 6pm or 7pm start times - from June7th - Aug 23th
Where: Newmarket Bayview Park (George Richardson), Newmarket 

You can register as an individual or as a Team Member, or create a Team for your players.

Summer league is recreational.   Simple Ultimate Rules are used. A min of 12 is needed for a team - max 17 players There are separate divisions based on your age range.  17 and under, 18-25, 26+ as well based on your skill (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).  Games must be played 7 on 7 or 5 on 5 (both captains must agree at the beg. of each game).  We play using 4 male / 3 female or if 5 on 5 3 and 2 rule.

More info will continue...

Register NOW for -  Thursday Night Pick-Up Under 17